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Data Protection

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact and we'll try and help

The Parents' Association email (gmail) account is managed by the Secretary, Bevin Humphreys, who will respond to all committee queries.

The website updates and additions to the St Pius X Parents' Association mailing list are carried out by Adam Egan, a practising Data Protection Officer with a public service body.

In addition other members of the PA Committee have access to the gmail account.

Privacy Policy

We are in a GDPR environment now so it is useful to clarify a few things...
1. We have your details on the basis of the consent you gave us (Article 6(1)(a))
2. You can revoke that consent at any time – simply email us and we’ll delete your details asap.
3. We do not share contact details with the schools or vice versa - which is why you had to fill in that form in the first place!!!!!
4. Your details will only be used in connection with the activities ('specific purpose') of the St Pius X PA and will not be shared with any other party for any reason.
5. We only delete your contact details at your request. Otherwise students who leave get labelled ‘past pupils’.
6. We try as best we can to only attach your contact email address to your youngest child in the school – so that you only receive ONE copy of these emails. It may well be that you have had additional children join St Pius X since initially registering and if we are unaware of that, then you’ll stop receiving our emails as soon as the ‘registered child’ moves to ‘past pupil’.
7. We do retain the registration data in 'past pupil’ for the purposes of contacting you for PA events, for example the golf classic or alumni events. These emails will be extremely rare and as above, we are happy to delete that data if you wish.
8. If you change email address… let us know. We get lots of bounce backs from ‘dead a/cs’
9. The PA is run by volunteers, so updates to the mailing list can sometimes take time. Thanks for your understanding!
10. The site is hosted on the and you can read their GDPR statement at

Please note that you WILL NOT receive any emails from the committee UNLESS you are signed up to receive them. The schools are prohibited from giving us your details for data protection reasons.

We would ask you to ensure your contact details are up to date. Email addresses that bounce back will be deleted from our records.