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How do I sign my child up for classes?

Important Notes :: Please Read Carefully and Keep for your Own Records

Enrolment Day

  • Enrolment Day for Swimming Lessons and Wednesday / Thursday / Saturday Classes will be Saturday 14th September 2019, online through the St Pius X Parents' Association website using the Easy Payments Plus button.
  • All classes are paid for in full on enrolling.
  • No enrolment for classes can take place before the Enrolment Day. Enrolment cannot be made through the School Secretaries.
  • Class fees are non-refundable except in circumstances beyond our control when the class must be cancelled, e.g., if there are insufficient numbers of pupils enrolled in a class.

    General Notes

  • We will operate a short waiting list for each class (in case of cancellations) - max 5 places on waiting list per class. You will be contacted if a place comes available in that class according to the waiting list.
  • If a class is not filled on Enrolment Day, the PA Committee will advertise class vacancies in the days following Enrolment Day.
  • It is obligatory for a parent/guardian to provide contact details (preferably mobile phone and email) for their child during the enrolment process. It is essential we have accurate contact details in the case of an emergency, illness, class cancellation, etc.
  • Taking pictures with mobile phones is forbidden at all classes.
  • A calendar of classes for 2019/2020 will be provided on the Parents Association website for your reference. Copies of all information leaflets will also be posted on the website.
  • Please register with the PA website to receive email notifications about all classes.
  • The PA will only send a text or email reminder about classes which are cancelled or rescheduled by the Parents' Association (i.e. which differ from that advertised on the calendar due to bad weather, unavoidable circumstances etc.). In these cases, we will text or email all parents/guardians who provided contact details as early as is possible. Every effort will be made to re-schedule classes which are unavoidably cancelled.

    Extra-Curricular Classes

  • Saturday classes will commence Saturday 21st September in the School.
  • Thursday classes will commence Thursday 26th September in the School.
  • Saturday Classes will run to the end of March, while this year most Thursday classes will run to the end of May.
  • For all classes, only enrolled children are allowed in the classroom or hall.
  • Children for Thursday classes must go straight to the class when school finishes. Children must be collected/leave promptly when class finishes at 3.45p.m.
  • Saturday classes: it is the responsibility of parents/guardians to ensure that children are dropped off and collected promptly. If a younger child is doing more than one class, a parent/guardian must escort the child from one class to the next. Children cannot remain on the school premises between classes. Children must remain in the school for collection. Parents/guardians, other than those attending to supervise with the PA supervising member, cannot remain in the school building while classes are ongoing.
  • Guitar: Pupils attending guitar lessons must supply their own guitar. Only children from 3rd Class and upwards will be admitted to the Improvers class.
  • Baking & Cupcake Club: Ingredients will be supplied by the Parents' Association as a general rule. On an ad-hoc basis, students may be asked to bring in specific ingredients. The Baking & Cupcake Club will run for 90 minutes.
  • Science Club: fee includes materials.

    Parental Supervision

  • The classes are organised by the PA Committee, all of whom are volunteer parents. In order to ensure adequate supervision, each family will be required to sign up for one supervision slot upon registration. You will be contacted a week in advance of your chosen slot if you are required to attend.
  • Saturday supervision is required from 9.15a.m. - 12.45p.m.
  • Thursday supervision is required from 2.30p.m. - 3.50p.m. A PA committee member will always be on Supervision along with a parent from the supervision listing.

    Swimming Classes

  • Swimming Classes will take place in the Swimming Pool in Templeogue College, Templeville Road, Dublin 6W.
  • Swimming Classes will commence the week of Monday 23rd September and run through to approximately end of May. For younger children, you must collect your child from school and deliver him/her to the pool and a parent or guardian should remain on the premises at all times.
  • Please ensure Beginners have their own armbands.
  • All swimmers must wear a swim cap.
  • The rules of the pool must be adhered to by swimmers and parents; rules are available from the pool on request.
  • The Parents' Association and the Swimming Pool cannot accept responsibility for personal items that are lost or mislaid.
  • On Wednesdays, Junior and Senior Infants can ONLY swim at 2.00 - 2.45p.m.
  • Children will only have access to dressing rooms from 2.55p.m. for 3.00p.m. sessions due to earlier classes using the pool. This will be strictly adhered to.
  • Changing Rooms Policy: if your child is not able to shower and dress themselves alone, please ensure that you bring them to the relevant changing room where you or a guardian can assist them. The Management expects all customers to respect the privacy of others.
  • There are two sides to both the Ladies and Gents' changing rooms: the side closest the pool should only be used by the children taking the swimming class; parents accompanying their children into the changing room need to use the other side i.e. that with the outside windows.
  • Adult females should not be in the Gents' Toilets or Shower area.
  • Adult males should not be in the Ladies' Toilets or Shower area.

    Accidents or Incidents

  • Any accidents or incidents should be reported on the day to the swimming teacher or swimming pool management. A Templeogue College Swimming Pool Incident Report Form should be completed on the day where possible or as soon after the incident as is practical.
  • If any accident or incident occurs at Wednesday/Thursday/Saturday classes, report it to the teacher and/or Parents' Association supervisor.

    Bad behaviour will not be tolerated and should be notified to the Parents' Association supervisor on duty. The Parents' Association will then follow the Codes of Conduct set down by the St. Pius X GNS & BNS.

    For further information please see the Classes homepage